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Here’s Goes Nothin’ Or Somethin’ – the Beginning Apr 07

i have been wanting to start a blog just about my life and to share ups and down that we all face to teach and help as many people as possible. i feel that i have something inside me that i’d like to share with the world. i didn’t know the direction that i wanted to go for a long time and thus was just spinning my wheels.

then I thought that maybe no one would be interested. But you know what, if you are great if not that’s fine… this blog is about life, love, laughter and the pursuit of “happyness”.

the challenges we face and how we do and don’t overcome them. the funny side of bad and the ugly side of funny. yeah that was a weird saying. anyhow. hopefully it will fun and interesting and healing for us all. i hope that i can make someone laugh and help someone change their life… to realize that this thing that we do called love is pretty cool.

see ya soon…


p.s. maybe my wife will be a little happier to, because i have a ton of those yellow sticky notes and my new fave yellow legal pads ;)

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What Up Love WORLD? Feb 26

hey there i c that you made it to my blog. thanks for checking me out… i hope that you enjoy this this this vblog. i hope that i can give something valuable that will change your life for the good ;) that’s my goal.


Kenney Ken Dogg


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