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Sexy. Funny. Beautiful. Model. Wealthy. Smart. Caring. Adventurous. Confident. Fit. Blessed. Wise. LOVE Nov 27

THIS is how we all should see ourselves ;) here a few one one terms that i use to describe myself in the mirror almost daily ;) i believe that you can be anything that you want… be that! but that you will be a better you if you explore your talents & strengths…

…if you follow your heart, your love, God, and be “authentic”.

mysites Nov 24

here are some of mysites… more…

Technorati Claim Aug 08

just doing some “make my blog better” house cleaning and claiming it with technorati. GAYU4WS7QVSF technorati is a “blog directory” if you will.

If you are a blogger you fo sho want to be in there. everytime you post you can put tags at the bottom of your post and technorati will pick them up and put your blog in their index under those tags. they are like the google/yahoo of blogs. plus they link back to that post for a little while helping your post get indexed and picked up.

anyhoo, holla at cha later


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